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    Aosman CCTV ads officially on-line: CCTV Gold two hit!

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    A few days ago, the Aosman Bath bathroom heavily signed CCTV, officially become CCTV cooperation brand! 2017 "I still customized" advertising film on May 15 officially landed in CCTV, in CCTV1, CCTV2 two major gold channels to double sync hit! The launch of the Aosman advertising film, not only to highlight the Aosman strong brand strength, but also an Aosman brand image of the wonderful bloom, but the use of the Aosman with the popularity of CCTV to further shorten the distance between consumers, and expand the brand in the country to influence the major initiatives!


    CCTV as China's largest, most valuable and most influential strategic media, its influence throughout China, the spread of a wide area, and the masses, CCTV in the minds of consumers have a strong influence and credibility. The strategic cooperation with the CCTV, the Aosman DSM to the public to convey more than just advertising is a kind of influence, is the authority, public trust and high endorsement. It is reported that the Aosman DSM will also be with the high-speed rail media, Tencent, Sohu and other mainstream media to carry out strategic cooperation to promote the whole media brand.


    For a long time, the company attaches great importance to the maintenance of brand image, especially into the 2017, the Aosman more focus on market investment in this sector, through the major mainstream news media, high-speed rail advertising, outdoor advertising, building advertising and other online, offline channels to the brand has been widely spread, for the strength of the brand has taken a solid step. Plus the launch of the CCTV ads, the Aosman DSM will rely on CCTV's authoritative media resources, to shock the outside world to sound, will "I still customized, I still Aosman" brand concept to spread to more consumer users, the "custom bathroom" into more Chinese families, with a custom-made fashion.


    In 2017, the Aosman firm took the route of customization. Aosman DSM clearly put forward "I still customized, I still Aosman" brand positioning, is not only the direction of its brand development and guidance, but also to the consumer's "customized" commitment. Aosman DSM will, as always, adhering to the "quality, service, innovation"-oriented corporate philosophy, for the vast number of consumers to provide better, more sincere products and services to consumers a more stylish, more personalized, more like the "Bath" bathroom space. I believe that in the near future, the focus of the Aosman brand and professional quality, will be through the CCTV and other senior media in-depth every consumer's heart.

    With the launch of the CCTV advertisement as a new one-year development opportunity, the company will set up a brand storm in the nationwide bathroom industry. The Aosman "I still customized" brand new advertising film has been on May 15 blockbuster on-line, in CCTV1, CCTV2 two big gold channels to carry on two hit! Please pay attention!

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