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    "Passing Love" to donate books to mountain students in Yangchun, Aosman

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    Recently, the Yangchun Aosman Bath related representatives to Yangchun first primary school donated value of 20,000 yuan of 1000 books, and donated to the Yangchun Volunteer Union 100,000 Yuan 5,000 books, commissioned Yangchun Volunteers union donated this batch of love books to more mountain students. The move further alleviates the scarcity of books in Yangchun Mountain schools and provides students with more reading opportunities.


    The scene of the donation ceremony

    The book donation ceremony, head Fort Primary School and Yangchun Volunteer Federation head to the Yangchun representative of the Love Enterprise plaque. Yangchun Aosman promise, the future each sell a single product, will donate 100 yuan as a charitable charity fund, positive feedback to the community, dedication to love, help more needy people.

    Aosman Bath Spring, the distributor said, hope that mountain students can learn from books more knowledge, growth for the community to help people. The Aosman DSM has always been enthusiastic in public welfare, actively fulfilling social responsibility, giving back to the community, and at the same time, in the future, it will carry out and participate in more love volunteer activities and continue to contribute to the cause of public welfare.

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