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    "aosman ' Chowa" is coming!

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    Jin Yong once said, Guo, Qiao is my favorite man. Even the original writers are so fond of, small believe also won the love of all martial arts fans. Guo and Qiao have many common points, the same martial arts high-strength, sentient beings have righteousness, Shama full intestines.

    and small most want to share with you, two characters Huang Zhihua have played, but also performed their own classic version. Can say, Huang Zhihua is a lot of people in the mind of the heroes, his hero image is carrying a generation of youth memories.



    If I tell you, now you will have the opportunity to see Huang Zhihua, is not very excited! In addition to a glimpse of chivalrous demeanor, there is a chance of 0 distance contact Oh! May 21, the Aosman Bath Image ambassador, film and television star Huang Zhihua will join hands in the Wanjia Home Decoration Plaza in Haikou, the star sign sales will be detonated! It's pretty exciting to think about it!



    Star meeting time:

    May 21

    Star meeting Place:

    Haikou Wanjia Home Decoration Square

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